Batiste you're a feckin life saver: dry shampoo may be the best budget buy ever


Yanking my neck out of whack (don't worry I won't go into the boring details) has meant being literally unable to wash the gruaig for four days straight.

And the morning I woke up unable to move with the pain it needed to be washed anyway.

So I was stuck at home.  Unable to drive.  Unable to go to work.  Unable to do any work at home as I couldn't even use my laptop  And unable to wash my hair, which as the days passed was becoming possibly the worst side effect ever.


Dinner hair was a real and present danger.

What I would have done without Batiste I don't know.  We're always raving about this dry shampoo - perfect for festival hair and for getting another day or so out of your blowdry.  Also it's great for adding volume and as it freshens up your hair you don't get that Jessica Simpson stink either.

It was not until this morning that I could wash my hair - at that stage it was composed almost entirely of Batiste.  And I thank God for it.  Thanks God!

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