Battle of the Christmas Beauty Sparklers: But Which One Will Win?

beauty powder spritzes for Christmas 2011

We got this season's festive beauty powders to slug it out recently (Chanel's coming out on top but there's still time to vote!) and of course beauty brands have more than one way to part us from our cash. Like, for example, this trio of super-scrumptious spritzes from Givenchy, Guerlain and The Body Shop.

Designed to be atomised and used on the body, hair and face, these have a bit of an advantage over their powder-based compatriots in that they're kinda quick and easy to use, and they're more versatile to boot. Oh, did we mention they've all - in varying degrees, it has to be said - got dressing table real estate going on as well?

  1. Givenchy L'Or Celeste, €57.50, contains powdered gold shimmer in a variety of sizes, meaning maximum catching the light potential. Spritz liberally across the arms, decollete and hair but for eyes, the brand recommends patting the powder on with a finger
  2. Every year, Guerlain releases a limited edition powder as part of its Christmas collection and this year's is a stunner. Vol de Nuit Perfumed Shimmer Powder for Face and Body, €72, is markedly different from the Givenchy offering in that it contains loose pearlised powder with pink, blue-green and silver pearlescent particles. Good for pale gals who want sophisticaed gleam, as opposed to bling, so. It’s scented, too, containing a chypre packed with vanilla notes true to those of the original Vol de Nuit perfume
  3. The budget pick of the bunch at €19.99, The Body Shop's Sparkler in Pink is back for 2011 and this year it's also joined by a gold, which means pale and sallow girls can benefit from a little glitter.  Again, this can be used across face, hair and body, and the brand's makeup artist Karim Sattar advises that if you want to use it on eyes, unscrew the pump, dip in a dampened brush, tap off the excess and apply that way

So - given unlimited funds with which to bedazzle self this Christmas, which one would you pick?

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