Three Top Tips for a Smooth, Flawless Make-up Base

Whether you're going sheer, medium or full coverage with your foundation we can all agree that the finished result always looks better if it's smooth, right? Powdery, cakey looking bases can be very ageing but sometimes you don't know it's going to turn out that way until it's too late so I thought I'd give a few tips on how you can change the look of your make-up without having to give up on it.

Prepping skin: The truth is, regardless of how expensive or inexpensive your foundation is, it will always apply and blend more easily if you've got your skin in good nick. I've recently been testing out the REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial (€37.95) which I really like because it's super quick to use (hence the name!), leaves your skin soft and brightens up a tired or dull complexion. The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion offers a similar brightening effect but at about half the price (€21).

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Skin Spritz: If you've discovered your foundation or new powder is well, a bit too powdery looking then this little tip might be for you. As we know, face powders are designed to set our make-up and also help to soak up oil as well, which means they change and settle as we wear them. If you love the look of your base about an hour or two after you apply it, you can speed up the process by spritzing your face with something like Avene Thermal Spring Water (€14.99/300ml) and gently pat it with your finger tips or a brush. The powder will soak up the water and leave you looking a bit fresher.


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Pat & Roll: This is a technique I use as a finishing touch whenever I've applied foundation or powder to a face because it helps to set the products and give that smoother appearance. Basically, it's a "do what it says on the tin" type thing so using either a sponge (I'm really liking the Inglot ones above at the moment, as well as the Barely Cosmetics ones too), brush or powder puff you pat the skin and roll, pressing the make-up in. In terms of foundation, this helps to smooth over pores and also really blend in concealer, if you're talking about powder, "pat and roll" will help to bond the powder with the foundation/base for a longer lasting, less powdery or cakey look.

Have you ever bought a new foundation & thought uh oh!? Or are you a smooth criminal naturally?

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