How To: Get at the last Dregs of Your Diorskin Nude

diorskin nude

It takes an awful lot for a base to worm its way into my foundation wardrobe - and it needs to be really flipping good to stay there, and out of this world to merit repurchase.  I'm kinda fussy like that. Diorskin Nude ticked all my boxes when I trialled it first and it's now been a fixture in my current top three for over a year, but there's one thing that really irks me about it.

As I've approached the bottom of each and every bottle, it's become really bloody difficult to pump out the foundation. Even though it's obvious that there's lots left, the pump seizes up as the end of the bottle comes into sight, and it's often only possible to push it down halfway. It's supremely frustrating, and there didn't seem to me to be a way to get at those elusive dregs: the pump doesn't screw off, the top of the bottle doesn't twist off, and since the bottle is glass, chopping it in half is a bit of a no no.

Although I did briefly consider it.

Quite by accident over the weekend, though, I  managed to get the top off my bottle - without smashing it open. And since some of you have been similarly frustrated by your own Diorskin Nude, I thought I'd better let you know how to do it.


diorskin nude

Remove the lid, grasp the body of the bottle firmly in one hand, and then grab the silver topper by its base (as close to the lip where "Diorskin" is embossed as you can manage) with the other.  Rock the topper - gently - back and forth as you also - gently - pull it upwards, all the while keeping a firm hold of the bottle itself.

This will take a few moments but it's best to be patient - there's a glass neck underneath that topper that you don't want to risk shattering by getting bullish - and the whole top will just lift off, allowing you to dig out the reservoir of foundation at the bottom of the bottle with nary a sharp glass edge in sight!

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