Beaut.ienomics: Making Matte With Revlon

revlon matte

D'you ever take a look at sparkly, metallic, shimmery blusher and shadow and just think, "why the feck can't they make this stuff without the glitter?"

I do.

I love matte. Don't get me wrong, I like shimmer too, in its place. But sometimes a look calls for flat colour, especially if you're trying to go retro. It looks clean, and you can do sharp, precise stuff with matte eye shadow in particular. Plus, not everyone wants sparkly cheeks and shimmer to the browbone - especially if they're on the other side of 40.


Thank the lord for Revlon, so. Their Matte collection launches on April 20th (update: it will actually be towards the end of May) and has already proved to be a sell-out in the States. With mattes for eyes, lips and cheeks, this is a one-stop shop for gals who crave the banishment of spangles, gloss and all things bling. Worn with a perfect, slightly dewy base, mattes can look incredibly modern and directional.

And because this is Revlon, prices are really good: eyeshadows in eight shades, including brights, darks and neutrals, are €7.50, eyeliners in five options are €10.04, blush comes in four shades at €11.05 and ten matte lipsticks will set you back €10.54 apiece.

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