Beaut.ienomics: N.Y.C. Cosmetics are Cheap 'n Cheerful


We're big fans of the likes of Rimmel and Barry M and Essence here at budget brands that produce great cosmetics at low low price points and are widely available right across the land.

And now there's a new range of cheap-as-chips make-up joining their ranks, hitting Sam McCauley´s and other pharmacies nationwide. With the most expensive product clocking in at a weeny €5.99, the offerings from N.Y.C. (New York Colour) cosmetics provide a guilt-free pre-payday fix.

I've been giving a few bits and bobs from the line a whirl, and am particularly taken with their Lippin' Large plumping lipgloss and multi-tonal pink blusher. They do a full complement of colour cosmetics as well as a range of talc-free minerrrdal make-up and a mosaic bronzer that's a bit of a dead ringer for Guerlain's decidedly spendier Terracotta version.


Think I might give it a crack since my Guerlain hit the deck - again!!! - last week and I could do without shelling out the guts of forty quid on bronzer at the minute ...

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