Beaut.ienomics: The Eve Lom Piggy Bank Fund


Almost to the end of my pot of can't-live-without Eve Lom cleanser, I'm starting to panic a bit.

At €72, it's just a bit rich for my blood at the moment and even though it's one of the absolute best products I have ever used in a life of much product abuse, I don't know if I can justify the splurge. While I'm still a fan of cleansing oils and do alternate my usage, I am a convert to the ways of this essential oil-packed balm. My dry skin loves this stuff; it dissolves makeup in seconds; feels gorgeous on skin and the muslin cloth provides an extra bit of functionality in the form of gentle exfoliation.

OK. I've talked myself into it, haven't I?


So what I think I might do - and this goes for any other madly expensive beauty necessity - is buy a piggy bank and starting saving my spare coins. Aphrodite does this with one and two Euro denominations and it's really quite amazing how quickly they build up into a large wad of cash - and it's equally amazing how little you miss them, to be honest. I'd just spend them on copies of Closer Magazine and Snack a Jacks otherwise. Simple pleasures, wha?

So I've worked it out - if I save an average of €4 per week, I'll be able to buy a new pot in a mere 18 weeks! Oh. Right. I might have to investigate Plan B, so.

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