's Best Beauty Gadget: GHD

hair_goto.jpgAs part of the Stars of 2006, you voted for your favourite beauty gadget. In the other categories there was usually a ton of products mentioned, all vying to be recommended as the one you love the most. But what made this category so different was - there were only really three gadgets that you ALL voted for. So I can't give you a top five here - it's just a top three.

  • GHD straightners
  • Eyelash Curlers
  • Tweezerman tweezers

Ah the GHDs. You can't live without 'em! A few people mentioned "hair straighteners" but didn't mention the brand - but nearly everyone named their GHDs. "Makes every day a good hair day" and "No more Russell Brand hair days" you exclaimed! You liked the fact that they were quick, easy to use, and did what they were supposed to do - make you look more gorgeous.

Tweezerman tweezers - I wasn't at all surprised by this, in fact I voted for them as well. These precision engineered tweezers come with a lifetime guarantee for a reason. You loved them because "they get at every single hair even the tiny ones" "fantastic" "once tried you'll never go back to ordinary tweezers". I agree!


Va Va Voom! Eyelash curlers were hugely popular. Those of you who voted for them honestly couldn't believe how you had survived before. The effect they give makes you feel "sexy, flirty, wideawake" Those who had doubted were the most zealous converts. One of you told us: "I honestly couldn't imagine how I could fit curling my eyelashes into an already tight morning routine" but as soon as she tried it... well she's not stopping anytime soon!

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