Chic Treat Club: Irish Company Beauty Box. Are You Still A Fan Of Boxes 'O Beauty Samples?

Is it better to give or to receive?

Psychologists would say give, it increases happiness levels. Parsimonious politicians would say receive, it increases betting levels thus enabling you to claim that you won lots of moolah on the horsies. (And Prince would probably say just do both, if you believe the urban legend, that is.)

But when it comes to buying yourself a treat on payday or picking up Something Nice when you need a little lift, then self gifting is simply good gifting practice. Or you could go a step further and have them delivered to yourself. A 'To Me, From Me' kinda thing.

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Glossybox and Birchbox were fast out of the beauty subscription blocks. But now Irish company, Chic Treat Club  want to work with old Postman Pádraig to deliver a monthly surprise to your door (and I'm not referencing some dubious Tampax ad here).

So what's the deal with this service? Well, each box has a selection of five beauty products for hair, makeup, nails and skin. The things that I like about this idea are that you can organise for the courier to deliver at a time that suits you, it is beautifully packaged (it really does feel like a big fat treat to open), and the fact that the boxes aren't stuffed with sample sizes - the products included are actually decent sizes.

But on the flip side, it isn't personalised to your taste or colouring, so you may end with products that don't tickle your fancy and just end up living in the Drawer That Time Forgot.



January was their first month in operation and that box included brands like Kevin Murphy, Kiss Nails Wraps, Episilk, Inecto Argan and Wet n Wild.

And February's selection included a BUFF lip gloss, full size P20 sunscreen, Beau Jardin hand-cream, Max Factor Glossfinity nail polish and a Montagne Jeunesse face mask (which was a bit of a blast from the past).

If you are just starting out on your makeup adventure, these are a nifty little idea. But if you are a seasoned cosmetics buyer, then this might just not cut it for you.

For Chic Treat Club, prices range from €44.95 for three months to €179.95 for a year's subscription.

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Are you a fan of the beauty subscription boxes? Do you love waiting for the postman in silk dressing gown (you, not Pádraig) and rummaging through a box of treats? Or do you prefer to spend your cash on products that you pick out for yourself and that you know will suit you?

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