Beauty BUZZ! Marc Jacobs Honey Scent is the cutest little pollen gatherer ever?

Ah c'mere and LOOK at this.  Packaging may not maketh the product but it sure doesn't hurt when something looks this good.

By the love of Janey Mac have you ever seen anything prettier?  Marc Jacobs scent has always been beautifully bottled and packaged - the Daisy perfumes are absolutely adorable - and now just look at this bumble bee inspired fabulousness.

If you've already got Dot then you'll recognise the uber cuteness of this bottle.  You're going to want a little bottle of Honey to sit alongside...


It's a fact that Marc Jacobs perfume bottles are a thing of joy and wonder.  My heart nearly stopped beating when I first saw Lola  and although we have griped in the past that a new Daisy incarnation seems to be launched every year, we're still suckered in.

Honey is a fruity, feminine scent with basenotes of honey and vanilla and it sounds like it will be as sweet and appealing as it looks.  Watch out for it in the summer - when there will be news of a new MJ makeup line too.

Do you love Marc Jacobs bottles or are they too OTT for you?  Perhaps you prefer something sleeker?

Spill in the comments!

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