Beauty klaxon! We've found the lipstick to rule all lipsticks

When it comes to hyped lip products, Kylie Jenner has been ruling the pouty roost of late (well, Jeffree Star slated the products and if you haven't all about read that feud, you can check it out here) but there is a new kid on the block and the entire beauty community is going gaga for it. And dear God, it is pretty.

Kailijumei is a Chinese brand and their jelly-looking, clear lipsticks have taken Instagram by storm. Oh, did I mention that there is a real flower inside the bullet? It looks like it was made by angels in flowing gowns with rose garlands on their heads while their union rep piped celestial music through the speakers.

Even though the bullet is clear, the shade is a very sheer pink. In fact, all of the bullets deliver pretty much the same shade but they are so beautiful that I need each and every one of them on my dressing table.

They sell for about €30 but you'll have to get on the pre-order list on their website as these are flying off the virtual shelves.



The shade varies just a little with temperature; apparently the warmer the temperature, the warmer the pink shade.


Are these not the most beautiful things you have ever seen? Have you ever bought a beauty product just because it's so goddamn gorgeous?

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