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One of the things we were asked several times for in your Benefit 10 e-mails was to feature more affordable products for those of you who are students, or on a budget. Or indeed, both. While we do try and do that when we see something that looks good, the sad fact of the matter is that fancy 'spensive products are just soooo much nicer!

But that's no help to you lasses on a shoestring so I thought you might all be interested in Boots' new Expert Range, which is designed to provide affordable solutions "to those everyday health and beauty problems we all suffer from, but keep putting off."

So what's available? Loads of stuff - the dental range contains an extremely affordable teeth whitening system for about €20 - a total bargain;  there are all all sorts hair removal products; skincare for all skin types and problems; mens and mother and baby ranges also feature, as do an effective deodorant line - good news in the run up to summer, and a comprehensive haircare selection


So, for some Expert help, get yourself to a Boots, now!

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