Beauty Strokes Concealer Brush Gets The Thumbs Up


A while ago, through a tragic set of circumstances that involved my hungover hands and a space at the side of the worlds skankiest cooker (NOT mine, I must add), I lost my beloved Bobbi Brown concealer brush. My attempts to retrieve it failed when I saw just what was down there, and I wrote the brush off. Even if I had boiled it in rose attar, bleach and dettol, I would never, ever have used it again.

I've been giving a new one by Beauty Strokes a try since. It's double-ended, so it's good for concealing small areas - like the pink bits below your eyes, as well as larger areas, such as, rosy wine cheeks. Oh go on, we all get them.


Cheap as chips too, €12.99 will bag you this baby, and you can find the Beauty Strokes line at pharmacies nationwide.

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