Bend me, Shake me: Fancy new High Lengths Mascara from Clinique


Clinique are a brand with a good rep for mascara - High Definition in particular is absolutely excellent - so while their newest foray into the lash-enhancement market won't arrive on counter until February (yes, February 2010!), I thought you might like a decco at it now.

Called High Lengths mascara, it features a 'willow wand', which is curved and designed to get in and around at even the tiniest lashes. The top side contains three rows of tines which Clinique say always contain just the right amount of product. Oh, and speaking of product, it's whizz-bang too: lash conditioners sodium hyalauronate, panthenol and pantethine combine with soft waxes and a acacia senegal gum, to create a flexible texture.

Fancy a close-up at the wand? It's after the cut!



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