Best Base ever: Jessica Nails Basecoats

A true Can't Live Without. The fantastic base coats by Jessica Nails will make an incredible difference to your nails.

My nails are dry and crack and split really easily. Polish used on its own makes them worse. And so-called strengthening base coats packed full of formaldehyde are just not for me. Ugh.

That's why (years ago) I was so glad when I discovered Jessica Nails. Nourishing and fortifying: nails drink in the formula of these bases and grow stronger and longer. There's three to choose from, pick the one that best suits the state of your nails.


One gripe. They take AGES to dry. But sure I can live with that.

Go get yourself a Jessica Nails treatment in a salon near you and pick up a bottle of this magic formula to take home with you. Go on - we all need a little treat in January!

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