Best Budget Beauty: Part Two!

Times are tight, we’ve all tightened our belts and one of the first areas we cut back on was our beauty spend. Not altogether like (are ya mad?!), but that fancypants lipstick is now a payday splurge and not a Thursday late-night-shopping treat.

Best Budget Beauty

This would be a sorry little tale were it not for the fact that budget beauty brands have stepped up to the plate, and are happily plugging that high-end-blusher-shaped-gap in our lives.

Last week I shared some of my favourite beauty bargains but I’ve way more than one post’s material to work with, so today I’m presenting part two. (Still hungry for more? You could also check out our post on the best budget beauty products under a tenner!).

Barbara Daly Soft Focus Highlighter

Gorgeous, glowy and a dupe for another well known high-end highlighter, this baby is about a tenner and worth every penny. Lasts FOREVER, too. Find it in Tesco (yes, really!).

Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour lipstick

No, it doesn’t stay put for 14 hours but it’s still probably the best longwear lip product I’ve tried in, ooh, ever.  Lovely colours too and a snip at €10.75.

Best Budget Beauty

Bourjois Rouge Edition

Creamy and sheeny and easy to wear, these lovelies (€12.99) manage to feel balmy while delivering an impressive pigment punch. Read our full review.


Ah, Sudocrem. Made in Dublin, this was Ireland’s little blemish busting secret, till the slebs got in on the act. Loved by everyone from Girls Aloud to the Towie Crew to every teenage girl I’ve ever met.


Sleek Blusher

So good. So pigmented. So cheap. The blushers are the stars of the show, but see what else we rate from this brill budget brand.

Best Budget Beauty

Essence Colour & Go Nail polish

Like lots of you, I absolutely love Essence for a quick fix and buy far too many of their nail polishes. Not a huge problem when you factor in the €1.79 price tag…

Catrice Eyebrow Filler Perfecting & Shaping Gel

I never met a high end brow gel that performed better than this little beauty by Catrice. For €3.99 it tints, tames and fills out my bushy brows.

Rimmel Scandaleyes

Creamy, smooth and soft, pencil eyeliners don’t come a whole lot better than these. See them take on the big guns.

Soap and Glory Archery

This genius brow product features a felt tip pen marker at one end and a pencil at the other. So good, it made our Beauty Year In Review.

Rimmel Apocalips


Worth the hype. Check out our full review.

Now it’s over to you – what’s missing from this list? Share your own low-cost favourites in the comments!

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