Behold the best celebrity Halloween costumes throughout the years

Ah, celebrities. They're just like us really. 

Even they like to let their hair down and dress up for Halloween. Of course, the difference is they can afford to hire designers and makeup artists to perfect their costumes.

From P Diddy to Kyle MacLachlan, Kim Kardashian to Bette Middler, we've compiled a gallery of our favourite celebrity Halloween costumes from down through the years.

Special shout out to Heidi Klum. When she does Halloween she really goes for it! Check out the full gallery here.

Our favourites, in no particular order:

  • Evan Rachel Wood as Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show

evan rachel wood Heidi Klum celebrity halloween costumes

Kyle McLachlan as an unfortunate golfer

Kyle MacLachlan Heidi Klum celebrity halloween costumes

And, of course, Heidi Klum.

Heidi Klum celebrity halloween costumes


Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit

Nicole Scherzinger

Perez Hilton as Lady Gaga

Gigi Hadid as Sandra Dee

Alysia Reiner


Jemima Khan

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