The best setting spray for oily skin is a budget beauty essential

There's no better way to keeping your makeup on all day long than with a setting spray

Whether you are heading off to the sun or you are simply prone to shine-face, the summer months and beyond call for investing in a setting spray.



Urban Decay's All Nighter (spoiler: you can use it during the day too!) is a great product especially if you have a lot of all-day events, or you plan on spending some time in the sun.


The cooling spray formula literally does what it says on the tin and holds your makeup all day and night long. It's great for an oily skin; it's not quite what it was designed for, but it completely helps with oil control throughout the day.

If €30 is a bit of a stretch for you, worry not I have found you alternative.




At a third of the price, NYX has nailed it with this wonder products. The results are similar; however, I felt you needed to use more of this product to get the same lasting effect. It's great for an oily skin also as it mattifies the skin throughout the day.

Are you a setting spray fan? What's the best you've used? And the worst?

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