Bet You've Never Heard of This Amazing Spot Concealing Tip

We all get them, especially when we're all set for a big event like Christmas month (because it has come to that, hasn't it?) and your skin is supposed to look flawless. Despite your endless efforts to eat well, get lots of sleep and manage your skin care, the day in question arrives and BAM, a giant spot appears looking angry but laughing at your attempts to cover it up.

Well, this insider tip will change all that.

The secret ingredient is Urban Decay's classic eye shadow primer. Dab a small bit onto your spot, then apply your concealer over the top, and set with powder. That's it. Simple, easy and you can be 100% sure this little method will keep your spot covered all day long.



urban decay primer potion


This ingenious idea is one to take note of for all your upcoming Christmas parties. Go enjoy yourself, and thank me later. Have you ever tried this technique? Or do you have another trick you'd like to share?

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