3 reasons why you should be using blotting papers

Blotting papers are a hidden hero of the beauty world. Here are just three reasons why we should all be using them.

Blotting papers might not seem all that exciting. But they're one of the most useful (and cheap) beauty accessories you can find. And, they provide an easy way to keep your makeup and skin fresh throughout the day. During hot weather, they're particularly good, especially when combined with a cooling facial spray.

Blotting, or beauty papers as they're sometimes called, first gained popularity in Korea (the home of K-Beauty) and also Japan. And, as we know, many skin care and makeup trends often originate from those particular scenes. For example, BB Creams were popular in Korea a long time before they were available in Ireland. Then, of course, we were introduced to CC Creams, EE Creams and more besides.


blotting papers

CYO Blot & Go papers


Before we go off topic, though, let's get back to the matter at hand. It's time to say goodbye to shiny skin, and hello to one of the hidden heroes of beauty. Here are three reasons why we love blotting papers.

Combat Shine


The primary use for blotting papers is to combat shine. The thin sheets absorb excess oils to leave skin feeling and looking clearer. Because they're small, you can target certain areas (such as the T-Zone) throughout the day. Use them before applying makeup or over to keep skin looking shine free all day.


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NYX Blotting Papers

Stop Makeup Caking

A quick blot in between powder top ups helps to absorb excess oils in our skin as we know. But this, in turn, means that the makeup (especially powder) is able to look better for longer. Because rather than having to work over time to absorb the older oils present, it's able to go on fresh.

Give Skin A Fresh Feeling

It's been pretty scorching recently, and while blotting papers are great for combatting shine, they're also good for perspiration too. Certain blotting papers are also infused with added refreshing ingredients. The NYX Green Tea Blotting Sheets (€7) for example, have added anti-oxidant properties to help purify skin.


Are you a fan of these? Or do you prefer powder?

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