Bonkers Beauty Trends: Givenchy Say Bye Bye to Brows


Oh we do love a bit of a sarcastic sneer at seasonal beauty trends on If you've been alive the last week or so you'll have clocked the brouhaha over Givenchy's new ad campaign images, featuring Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima. She's got a discernable bang of robot about her and it's not just the directional, editorial styling that's making her look like a Bladerunner cast member: they've bleached her brows into oblivion.

It looks bizarre. I'm hugely, positively thrilled by the barminess of couture and I think we're all aware that the directional shoots - often works of art all on their own - you find in high fash mags are a world away from what goes into the pages of Look. But there's equally also no doubt that the former fuels the latter, so we may find that the bleached look translates down to the high street as a diluted trend towards less defined and shaped eyebrows.

Or we may find that we, as a nation, decide the whole thing is completely nonsensical, and carry on browsing as normal.


What's your take on it? Vote in the poll, or leave us a comment and let us know whether you'll be leaving your brows behind in the pursuit of fashion.

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