Boots Advantage Card

boots advantage cardIf you don't already have one of these bad boys then what are you waiting for? Sign up at now. Every euro you spend adds another 4 points onto your card, and if you're vigilant when you're in Boots you can nearly always find products offering extra points bonuses. Each point is worth 1 cent, so one hundred points adds up to 1 euro.

If you make a point of buying all your toiletries here (which of course is what they want you to do) as opposed to picking up things like shower gels and deoderant in the supermarket, the points really add up. Try and convince your other half to buy razor blades in Boots too - those things are wildly expensive, especially for razors like the Gillette Fusion, and you can then benefit from the additional points!


Points are awarded for nearly everything you buy with the exception of prescriptions and pharmacy products, and you can redeem your points on nearly everything in store too. The one annoying thing about it is that you can't use your points balance as part payment for anything - you must pay in full using your points. So that means if you have the equivalent of €28.45 on your card but want to get something worth €28.55, then you can't. But still, it's rare to get something for nothing, and it's a real treat to have loyalty rewarded. Now if only H&M would start a loyalty card scheme...

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