Brilliant Beauty Tools: Cotton Buds

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Never ever feel bad about making a hames of your makeup. EVERYONE does it - everyone, including the pros. And that, dear readers, is why cotton buds were invented.

Ok, it wasn't really, but they're bloody useful things.  No one gets a smokey eye or a cats flick right the first - or even the tenth - time they do it. This is what these little fellas and micellar cleansing waters like Bioderma Crealine were made for: squizz a bit of cleanser on a bud and carefully work it onto the area you want to tidy up - et voila. Clean and sharp once again.

I always have a stash of these to hand because it seems to me that I can usually get one eye right and then completely banjax the other: so I use a lot of buds.


Lastly, just make sure that if you are doing a tidy-up job on makeup that you don't use an oil-based cleanser like Lancome Bi-Facil. It's greasy and won't allow you to place product immediately on top, so water-based it is.

Do you do this yourself?


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