Yay! We've found a brilliant Bobbi Brown dupe that saves €29

We're smiling from ear to ear after discovering a brilliant Bobbi Brown dupe for their best selling Shimmer Brick.

We love Bobbi Brown here at Beaut HQ, but when you're trying to save the pennies, a Bobbi Brown dupe is also good. And we've recently found on that is making us very happy indeed. Especially as it saves a whopping €29.

Bobbi Brown Dupe Revlon-Highlighting-Palette

When you think of Bobbi Brown, what's the first product that pops into your head? For us, it's their iconic Shimmer Bricks. The multi-tonal face palettes were the first product from the collection to really put BB on the map. After that, the now cult classic gel eyeliner and eye shadows started to gain popularity too. And before long, the whole range became a household name.


It's safe to say though, that at €44, the original Shimmer Bricks are an investment. But the good news is that once you buy one, it lasts for ages... and ages... and ages. The finish they give is beautiful too, leaving skin with a soft sheen that looks healthy and glowing.

Bobbi Brown Dupe Revlon-Highlighting-Palette

If €44 is too far a stretch though, we have a great alternative. Our Bobbi Brown dupe comes in the form of the Revlon Highlighting Palettes. These come in three shades and are €14.99 each (in Boots or Superdrug). From the design to the shades, there's very little difference. Well, except for the €29 still left in your pocket, that is!

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