Duped! The €9 dark circle concealer that will cover spots and blemishes too

Bobbi Brown's Colour Corrector is famous for covering dark circles, but it's pricey. Luckily, we've found a €9 dupe

The Bobbi Brown correctors are specifically designed to help those of us cursed with darkness (under the eyes, that is, not, eh, in general). They neutralise the darkest of circles and really hide the deepest of circles. We love it, but it's an expensive buy if you purchase regularly.


colouur corrector Bobbi brown high end concealer

Bobbi Brown Corrector €25


Luckily, there's one just like it by the dupe-licious NYX; its Dark Circle Concealer does the exact same job. It has a creamy consistency just like the Bobbi Brown colour corrector. Even the colour is very similar to the colour corrector; it has a peach tone which is perfect for covering the blue tones that appear under our eyes, and it brightens while it's at it. The NYX concealer contains coconut oil to add moisture and stop it from looking cakey under your eyes.

NYX Dark Circle Concealer €9

Use this with your ring finger or with a concealer brush. Just pat it onto the area under your eyes and at the inner corner of the eyes, basically, anywhere you can see blue tones coming through your skin. It has great coverage so go ahead and use it to conceal blemishes and spots on the rest of your face too. The best part is that it's under €10 so no need to cry if you leave it in the bathroom on a night out!

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