Brr...Autumn is in the Air

The second the weather started to get a bit miserable and chilly, my lips started acting up. They're like bold childers - any sign of a bit of damp and they start cracking and complaining. So I'm going to start carrying lip products around in my bag again - I'm just going to have to accept that yes, summer really is over.

From a long drawn out process of trial and error over the years, my recommendations for sore lips are:

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

I've said this before, but this stuff is a miracle product. As a lip balm it can't be beaten either - it makes your lips shiny and lovely and soft. Slather a dab on every few hours, especially before you step outside, and you'll be kissable all winter. You can get this in a special lip formula, but the old fashioned original is just as good.


Burts Bees

burts beesBurts Bees products are yum, as well as being completely natural. You can get them in Nourish, which has branches nationwide. I swear by a couple of their lip products - the beeswax lip balm and their strawberry lip gloss - which isn't technically a balm, but as it's got so much nice stuff in it, it's as good as.

I often find lip treatments to be ironically, really drying. Once it's worn off, your lips start to feel like someones re-sizing your face around them - not nice. Neither of these promote that horrible tight effect, whereas I find things like Chapstick and Labello often do. I buy them, use them once and go back to my tried and trusteds.

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