Buff Makeup: What's What With This Exclusively Irish Makeup Brand

We've looked at bases from Buff Makeup before on Beaut.ie, but I recently got my hands on some of the other products from the brand. Their seven strong foundation shade range doesn't yet contain a base light enough to cater for very pale skins like mine which is unfortunate, but I can enjoy the other products from the brand.

And I was actually very impressed by the quality and opacity of the products. I gave the blusher, eyeshadow and lip gloss a go, and I would absolutely head out and purchase from this brand.

buff extra

  • Buff Makeup Blusher (€21.50)

The formula of this blush is just lovely. So finely milled that it feels creamy as you apply it to the skin, it sets to a soft powder finish. These are old fashioned blushes at their best, too - no glitter, no nonsense. Just intense pigment and a soft matte finish. The shade I have - Cloud - is an adorable dusky rose that gives makeup a fresh-faced, 1920's feel.

  • Buff Makeup Lip Gloss (€18)

I got the aptly named 'Paint Job' lip gloss (swatched below). I generally don't wear hot pinks. Though I like to wear red lipstick, hot pinks and cerises make me feel self conscious and I don't feel that they work well with my skin tone. Though this one is very pigmented, it isn't opaque like a liquid lipstick, so I feel more comfortable. The texture is really thick (and consequently rather sticky, so avoid this product if you can't abide stickiness) and has a very high shine finish. It's already gone into my makeup bag.

Left to right: Blusher in Cloud, Eyeshadow in Desert, Lip Gloss in Paint Job Top to Bottom: Lip Gloss in Paint Job, Eyeshadow in Desert, Blusher in Cloud
  • Buff Eye Shadow (€15)

The shade I have (Desert, above) is a rich warm brown and that intense swatch is the result of swirling my fingertip lightly in the pan just once. It packs a serious punch and has the same buttery texture as the blush. It feels comfortable as it glides onto the eye and there are over thirty shades available. I'll certainly be checking out the other colours.


Buff Makeup is available online and I have to say that I'm impressed! Have you tried Buff? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Buff Makeup is an Irish company which sources its products from private label companies and has always been totally upfront and honest about how it sources its products.

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