Can you love Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour TOO much?

Last week Kirstie received a somewhat unusual request for help.

Hi Kirstie,

I hold you personally responsible for my partner falling in love. Unfortunately, it is not with me.

Just before christmas I mailed you to ask about a product you recommended on Today FM. I purchased said product and now Elizabeth Arden is having a passionate affair with my partner. Elizabeth is stuck to my partner's lips every day now, for up to eight hours at a time......

I feel the only way I can win her back is to buy her some beautiful jewellery. I wondered if you had any recommendations. I was thinking a ring, or maybe a necklace. She particularly likes amber.


Thanking you in advance,


P.S. Down with Low Beams!

Rob, we salute your efforts to win her back. But we have to tell you that they're doomed to failure. Once a woman falls for Elizabeth Arden there's no going back. However there's absolutely no reason why the three of you should not co-exist in a perfect world of moisturisation together. Particularly if you do go down the jewellery route! I don't know where you're based, but if you're in Dublin and it's amber she likes, you could check out Angles in the Westbury Mall. I have the most gorgeous amber ring from Angles: they stock exquisite contemporary jewellery.

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