Cheap(er) Cosmetics #2: Rimmel Gloss

rimmel infiniteOk, ok, so I know I've already said that gloss is out and lipstick is out, but hey, I never pretended to be consistent!

If the red trend appeals to you but the whole having to use lipstick doesn't, then fear not. It's not like the fashion police will be after you, plus rules - well, they were made to be broken.

Just as well really, cos there are loads of gorgeous shiny red glosses out there. I couldn't resist, and why should you?

I chose another Rimmel product for cheap cosmetics testing purposes, and the shade I chose was their Infinite Colour 10 Hour Lip Colour and Gloss in Eternity, which is a bright shocking red.


It's a two step product - one end contains the colour, and the other end contains a gloss which you layer over the colour. The colour step feels like painting your lips with acrylic paint and it's quite tacky to begin with, and then it feels stiff on your lips when it dries. Once it has though, you swish the clear gloss on, and it becomes a good bit more comfortable.

If you're careful about the application of the colour step you can achieve a really good precise looking pout, and you don't need lip liner because the colour doesn't bleed. Rimmel claim that it's kissproof, foodproof and that it will last ten hours. Well, it's not quite that good, but it certainly lasts longer than lipstick and a lot longer than gloss. The gloss layer needs a bit of re-application every now and then and the colour may need a touch up every few hours, depending on what you're doing. And it's reasonably priced - it costs about a tenner.

Downsides? It doesn't smell all that nice and it can be a bugger to get back off - a lot of scrubbing can be required. But apart from that, it's great. I may well be buying it in a few more shades!

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