Cheep 'n' Cheerful Festival Makeup - Your Chance to Go Wild!

Summer is in full swing at the moment and we are feeling giddy! We're in the thick of festival season but like welly and flower-crown wearing magpies we are still finding shiny new things to add to our festival makeup arsenal. 

There's something about being in a field with music pounding at you from all angles that makes you want to embrace the warpaint - the brighter the better. It's also the perfect opportunity to break out that glitter that you usually reserve for the Christmas party season.

The Serpentine Gallery - summer party


The festival princess herself (Kate Moss is the queen, obvs), Alexa Chung, rocking a bright lip. 

NYC's City Proof collection is not available till July, so they'll miss an outing at Body and Soul, but boy are they perfect for festival frolicking.  The collection comes in nice bright packaging with a promise of 24 hour lasting power which is great if you're in the city that never sleeps and a festival where the only shut eye you'll be getting is a 2 minute cat nap sleeping upright while in the queue for noodles.


I feel a bit like my three year old self in the middle of the 1980s messing with Mammy's makeup with these on my eyes but are they not the most fun eye shadow sticks ever? And the cheapest - you'll be able to pick them up for only €3.49.


I have tested them on my own eye and I can reveal that they are budge proof. The texture is like actual crayons but they are nice and soft. A trio of  browns and a black are also available  but I'm not going there, it's colour I'm after and only colour!

A waterproof mascara accompanies the crayons and it's also very festival friendly.




The thing about festival makeup is that is has to be on the cheaper side and it has to last for ever. So while I love this lippy from Armani and think it's the perfect shade for summer that's flattering on everyone, I won't recommend it for your festival kit bag.

It's stuff from NYC and Wet n'Wild and Sleek you should be after - they're purse friendly and they have heaps of colourful wares to choose from.

Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stains are the biz for long lasting, glossy lippies on the cheap.



Essence have a hee-uge collection of nail varnishes to choose from and they're the cheapest of the bunch and they have a whole load of fun textures and 'effect' polishes to try.

essence glitter


NYX have cute bronzer / blusher combos that do two jobs in one.





Are you going to any festivals this year? Do you go wild with makeup or do pretty much exactly what you do every other day of the year - or do you forgo makeup all together?

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