Christ on a ten speed racer. Breaking our asses laughing at Mens Fashion Week

I'm trying really hard here but I just can't stop laughing.  I can’t do it! I can’t give you a proper fashion write up on London Mens Fashion Week. It’s too funny. Well, if a picture paints a thousand words, then there's no need for me to actually write anything. I can just post these photographs, as there are really are no words to describe what's going on here.

Well there are words but I'm a lady and I won't say them.


I drove my familybmad working on this, as I kept laughing my head off and shouting at them to come and have a look. But I did try, I really, really tried to present this post to you from a fashion perspective, and find the fashion that was wearable - but then I couldn’t have shown you this little lot. They're  much too funny to ignore: here are the ‘highlights’.

Enjoy. I did!


Now, catwalk shows are notorious for their crazy looks, as designers try to grab our attention, but this year things seem to have gone to a whole new level of crazy . It just seemed like the designers tried to out- weird each other.

And it wasn’t just the clothes, it was the styling too. Wooden face barricades, toxic waste jumpsuits, strapless dresses! Models with vampire fangs, blackened out faces and perspex masks. Enormous knitted mittens, scalloped mini-skirts, frilly boots, and gloves that CSI teams wear at crime scenes.

I mean seriously, do you know any man who likes fashion, who could be inspired by these insane looks? A man would stand in front of a dressing room mirror and wonder if he has the legs for fluffy shorts, or if he could carry off a Westwood milk moustache?

The JW Anderson collection (an Irish designer would you believe) has everyone talking, but I doubt we will see anyone on Grafton Street, let alone the back roads of Kerry rocking his mini dresses, do you? Vivienne Westwood is always a little out there, but isn’t there a hint of DIY Halloween costume about some of her looks? Xander Zhou used body bags as slit skirts. (WTF!) Sibling, a design group that have previously sent cashmere twinsets, in sequin leopard print down the runway, said the inspiration for their designs was New York Punk and that their collection ‘PLEASE KILL ME’ was an exercise in both fluff and tough! Oh spare me!


So what do you think of these looks? Anything you would like to buy for your man? Cos you better start saving, as I can only imagine that the prices for these getups are even crazier than the looks themselves!

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