Christmas party prep for your skin

Most of us can agree, Christmas is a time full of preparation. Dinners, gifts, clothes and about double that if you have children.

The last thing on most peoples' to-do lists is their skin. But late nights and Christmas parties can wreak havoc on it.

Here are some simple ways to prep your skin for the party season:


We all know it but how many of us actually do it? If you are prepping for your Christmas party, remember it is a good idea to drink water throughout the entire day before you even go out. It will keep your skin and your body hydrated. It will also make it that bit easier for your skin to recover if/when it gets dehydrated.

Look after your eyes


If there is one true giveaway as to how late you really stayed at the Christmas party, it's your eyes. Keep them cool and hydrated before and after your party. Eye gels work wonders, as do hydrating eye pads.

Don’t forget your lips

If you are planning on sporting a bold red lip for your Christmas doo, make sure your lips are in good nick beforehand. Exfoliate and hydrate in the week coming up to it. Red lipstick can be drying on your lips, especially if it's matte.

Use Vitamin C

Your best friend if you need to cheat your way out of washed out, post-Christmas party skin. Vitamin C brightens up the skin giving it a natural (ish) glow. Any moisturiser containing vitamin C will work wonders on the skin.

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