Clarins Splendours Summer Collection: Review, Pictures, Swatches


If you haven’t lingered at a Clarins counter for a while, I’d urge you to go and do so at the earliest opportunity.

Their skincare is second to none, we’ve all known that for yonks, but I’m not sure there’s been enough appreciation for their utterly gorgeous makeup offerings over the past few years.

There have been so many innovations (the 3 dot liner, anyone?), enhancements and improvements, not to mention incredibly handsome French men (shallow, us?!) and actual works of art (like the Odyssey collection) that the bar is now set incredibly high.

So can the summer collection possibly live up to expectations?

Oh god yes.


Never has a makeup range so completely lived up to its name. Splendours is an absolute stunner, a collection that is so completely and utterly evocative of summer that it instantly put a massive grin on my face.

Not our poxy aul’ Irish summer, though – this is all about summer in some kind of glamorous and heat drenched location where, mysteriously, I’ve turned into some kind of wealthy and fabulous 90s supermodel type overnight.

Splendours makes me believe this might actually happen. And if it does, at least I’ll be wearing the right makeup.

Aisling has already talked about the palette, so I won’t go into that, but let’s take a look at what else will be headed our way.



Firstly, that summer staple, especially on our sun forsaken shores – the bronzing palette. I loved last year’s two-toned offering but this one is better yet, combining two shades of brown with a generous dot of shimmery golden highlighter in the centre.

On looks alone, this gets full marks, but it’s also an incredibly versatile piece of kit. Mix everything together for a light reflecting glow, use the gold shade separately or leave it out and work with the two mattes to bronze or contour. It’s €38.00, but it’s clever, it’s massive and, well, just look at it!


And then there’s the lip products. Another happy sigh.

Two variations of shiny summer lips, both smelling, deliciously, of sweets.

Clarins crystal lip balm

Instant smooth crystal lip balm in 05, Crystal Rose

There are four new shades of crystal lip balm, €22, which protect the lips, add a decent amount of colour (they've added a core of pigment since they were first launched) and also look incredibly pleasing, especially if you remember the push pop.

crystal instant smooth crystal lip gel

Instant Smooth Crystal Lip in Crystal Pink (though it actually looks red to me); Crystal Plum is also available

 And there are two shades of the new Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gel, €20, which is the shiniest, sexiest, wet-look lip gloss that demands to be shown off beside your nearest outdoor pool.


Anything calling your name?

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