Common mistakes we all make when washing our hair

Hair can be a tricky thing, when it looks and feels good you feel fabulous, but unfortunately we have all experienced those dreaded bad hair days and there is nothing like a limp, frizzy or greasy mop to make you feel self conscious. Hair problems are often caused by little mistakes made when washing that we are all guilty of at some point.

Here are some common haircare mistakes.

Not brushing first

Most people just pull out their pony tail and hop into the shower, but this can actually cause your hair to become damaged which can cause hair to be frizzy and flyaway. If you take the extra five minutes to give it a brush, it will help prevent breakage by removing knots, it will also start to remove dirt and oil, making it easier to clean.

Washing too often

Washing your hair too often strips it of natural oils, making it dry and brittle. Try to wash it every second or third day, the longer you can go between washes the better for your hair's health.


Having water too hot

There is nothing nicer than having a nice hot shower, especially if it's a colder day but this can actually be damaging to your hair and scalp. Instead try to wash with warm water finishing with a blast of cold, this will help keep your hair super shiny and tame the frizz.

Only shampooing once

Shampooing your hair once is not actually enough. Shampooing twice gives it a much better clean; the first shampoo removes superficial residue like dry shampoo or hairspray while the second actually cleans it. A sign that you need to shampoo it twice is if you can't work the shampoo into a nice lather.


Skipping conditioner

If you have oily hair (like myself) you may be tempted to skip the conditioner on occasion in the hope of keeping it fresher for longer. While skipping conditioner once in a while if you are in a hurry, skipping it for a prolonged period can make it lifeless and brittle. Instead use a small amount of lightweight conditioner on the ends to prevent it from feeling dirty in between washes.

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