Concealer wars: Benefit Erase Paste Vs Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer

We've all done it, shelled out a good chunk of change on the latest beauty product, fully believing that price equals quality. Sometimes it's true but unfortunately, not always.  The danger is finding a bargain so brutal that you'd have been better off spending the price of a coffee on an actual coffee.

We thought we'd have a look at some products from different ends of the spendy spectrum to see when it really is worth the splurge and when it's better to save. With that in mind, today we have a goo at concealers.

My number one use for concealers has to be the luggage under my eyes and I'm sure I'm not alone. There's certainly days I'll need to cover a blemish or three but, for the most part, it's my bags that plague me.

*Benefit Erase Paste (€27.50)* is one product that I hold my hands up and admit, I bought for the price, full sure that for the guts of thirty euro, it had to work miracles. Alas it wasn't to be. Opting for the middle ground of the three available shades (Fair, Medium, Deep) my first indication of something being amiss really should have been the fact that it comes with its own mini spatula for application. The thick concealing cream was just too dense to be of any use under my eyes, creasing and caking regardless of the thin coats I use for application. I do keep this to hand for emergency
cover ups when on the run but even then it's difficult to work with, truly, it was a gutting loss of €27.50.


Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer *(€4.79) *came recommended to me a little while back. Collection is a budget beauty brand, available in most Boots stores, which had never before caught my attention. Lasting Perfection Concealer claims to be oil free, water resistant and good for 16 Hours wear. Could it have a formulation better than concealers 5 times its price? Several months and two tubes on, I can categorically say, it does.

Available in four colours (Fair, Light, Medium & Deep) it has proven to be a transfer proof, highlighting and concealing manna from heaven. Not only does the soft, creamy formulation blend easily but it's buildable so is perfect for use on dark circles as well as blemishes. All that and it  actually lasts the day, perhaps not a 16 hour day but a full working day
and evening or a night on the tiles with no need for touch ups. All for less than a fiver.

True, it's not always the case but this time the underdog has won out and the thrifty crowd go Waild!

Have you had any experience with products that belie their price? Let us know!

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