Corioliss Hair-Cleaning Straighteners!

corioliss straighteners

You lot were chatting about your GHDs on the bank holiday blather, and I was reading with interest. GornGal asked, "Anyone here clean their GHD?". Bumblebee advised, "to clean them wipe the plates down with warm soapy water and a face cloth. Obviously dont get any water on the flex / plug. Wipe them dry with a towel and take care to dry the sides of the plates also - thats where most of the product from your hair will become lodged".

Clairebear went one better and told us all the sad tale of what happened to her set. "I plugged in my GHD one morning and suddenly the room was filled with the worst STENCH imaginable! I plugged it out and had a look at it, and there was this weird sticky orange stuff on it - turns out I’d left it on the bedroom floor the night before and my dog had cocked his leg on it!", she wailed. Yuck!

While what happened to Clairebear is (hopefully) an exception, the point stands - why wipe dirty plates over freshly cleaned hair? It kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?


So I thought you all might like to hear about Corioliss' C2 Digital Straighteners. They have a magic yokey called Nano Silver Technology, and it's designed to destroy 99.9% of bacteria. Which means that if you're a lazy so-and-so and didn't have time to wash your hair, that's no bother. These boyos freshen up AND straighten yer barnet! Think I'm fibbing? I'm not, cos I have a pair and it works. The one thing that's not so ace is the fact that they smell a little like TCP, but it's small price to pay - plus it doesn't linger in your lovely straightened locks.

You can get a version with replaceable skins - mine are cherry patterned - there's a sooooper long flex and a snazzy digital controler too. Serious thumbs up from me. Buy from HQhair for a not very bargainous €161.75 - a bit of a yikes price, but worth it - and replacement skins cost about €20. You can also buy in-salon, call 0044 127346 1111 for stockist info.

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