Could Oink be Our Favourite Ever Shadow Shade?


Oh how we love a beauty-related typo: the blog has abounded with Muslim cloths and Touche Eclairs in the past, much to our delight. Yesterday in a preview of Estee Lauder's forthcoming SS11 collection - showcased by a gorgeous Chinese model - reader Salsera confided that "there’s a very good reason they’re using an Asian model. Asian skintones can wear oinks really well."

Oinks! I was drinking a mouthful of tea and had to hold it in very firmly, swallow hard and then bwahahahahhaa to my heart's content. I wasn't the only one tickled, er, oink. The more usually-named PinkPanther appeared in a new guise, OinkPanther, to tell us that "it’s my favourite shade for sure."

Belly laughs aside, oink can be a flattering shade. I'm not a huge fan of it in eyeshadow, but if I ever get sent any in the oinkish spectrum, I pass it right on to Aphrodite, who really loves it. Pale oinks lighten and brighten the eye and while you'd want to be fairly careful of a really bright oink eyeshadow, depending on how you use them, the look can be directional and editorial. And sure most of us would own at least one oink gloss, lipstick or blusher, wouldn't we?


Me? Oh my bathroom is coming down with slag-oink lippy.

So what about you? A fan of the shade or does oink do absolutely nothing for you at all?

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