Essence are set to celebrate their 15th birthday in style

Live, Laugh, Celebrate is the motto for the latest Essence collection as they celebrate their 15th birthday in style

Budget friendly, cute and colourful are just three words that come to mind when someone mentions Essence cosmetics. But don't be fooled, they stay on top of the latest trends too as their new collection proves.

essence 15 birthday

The Live, Laugh Celebrate products will be available between May and June and true to form, Essence have taken their own spin on some of the biggest SS17 make-up trends.
essence 15 birthday collection

Let's start with the new palettes, which have been mesmerising us for the past couple of days. The reason is, the lids contain small pearls which move around like a sand timer. I kid you not; it's addictive to sit there playing with them. I've got little to no work done...

essence birthday collection eyeshadow


From a practical point of view, the four and eight pan empty palettes (€1.90 and €2.50 respectively) are designed to be personalised by slotting in whatever products you want. Personalised palettes aren't a new concept, but it is very rare to see it from a budget collection so extra points must be given for that.

essence palette

In terms of what you can put into your palettes, it's up to you! For their 15th birthday Essence have added: 7 new eyeshadows, a fixing powder, a highlighter and shimmer blush (all €1.90). Along with that, they've also got the new lip powders, which have become our favourite product from the collection. Available in two shades, these are such a clever way to either create a matte lip or alternatively, matte down a regular satin lipstick. And at €1.90 each it's got to be the most affordable way of trying out the trend.

All in all this new collection still has the fun, light hearted feel that we know and love from Essence, but the quality and finish of both the palettes and the new selection of powder shadows/blusher, etc. surpass expectations. Here's to another 15 years, Happy Birthday Essence!

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