David Gandy is in Ireland Today to Show Off his Underwear

It must be a tough life being a really, really, ridiculously good looking model with your own range of underwear. 

One of the foremost preoccupations on any man's mind is (or at least should be) his underwear. Boxers or briefs isn't even half the battle, as fits, colour, materials and all sorts come into play, and if you've ever seen a fella who's ended up with a pair that are jut too tight in all the wrong places, then you'll know the important role that the right pair play in the quality of everyone's lives in general (note to all men on public transport - please stop scratching, we can all see you).

Ok, a preoccuptation might sound like a slight exaggeration, but when Himself spends a full work day in ill-fitting undergarments and has to slip his hand down there all the time to rearrange things, it can begin to look a bit suspicious. We're not saying that's why David Gandy, the world's only male supermodel, decided to launch his own range of underwear with Marks & Spencer, but that's certainly a possibility. Sure how else can you guarantee the prefect fit?


Anyway, Gandy himself will be in store today in the Grafton Street branch to launch the collection, which comprises 28 pieces in total with four underwear styles, four vests and eight pieces of nightwear. Obviously, Gandy is the face of the collection, as well as the designer, and they will come in a few different styles from classic boxers and briefs to trunks and hipsters.

The collection starts at €27 for a two pack of briefs or boxers, veshhts are priced at €20 and sleepwear starts at €30 for a short. If you or your fella fancy getting your hands on them and meeting Dave to chat about the importance of good delicates (and putting the pants in underpants...), then he'll be in town from 12.30pm today at Marks & Spencer on Grafton Street.

Is your fella a boxers or briefs man?Or a commando man? And for the love of all that is holy, please tell us that his Mammy still doesn't buy them for him?

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