Dermablend Launch New Range for 2014: Products to Help With Skin Imperfections, Vitiligo, Rosacea, Scars and Acne


We Irish women know our foundation. We examine bottles, swatch shades, discuss finishes and we are all on the trail of the coverage Holy Grail.

And many of us tend to lean towards those products that offer a higher level of coverage. There are plenty of reasons why - some women just want  to cover up minor skin issues, while others want to camouflage more severe skin concerns.

Women who suffer from skin imperfections like red patches, vitiligo, rosacea, scars, dark patches, hyperpigmentation and acne can also suffer from a real lack of confidence.  And even conditions like chronic dark circles, brown spots and uneven skin texture can benefit from a high coverage foundation.

And with 30 years experience in the field, Dermablend has become the coverage brand of choice for this spectrum of women who are looking for a simple solution to those conditions that can irritate, or cause downright distress. From small cover ups to full scale makeovers, Dermablend can help.


Suitable for even sensitive skin, this range has a reputation for delivering great coverage with a natural finish. And they have just welcomed a few new additions to the family. So we decided to take a look at the new arrivals and see where on the spectrum of coverage, from every day to heavy duty, these babies sit.

Award Winning Fluid Corrective Foundation 

correction fluidThis is the lightest coverage option in the new range. It still has a higher concentration of pigment than normal foundation but just melts into skin. It's 16 hour hold is designed for minor to moderate skin imperfections like dark circles and spots, and it tackles redness and evens out skin tone.

You should apply this fluid version just using fingertips or a small sponge, and work from centre of face outwards.

This range also contains various levels of SPF which we love. This one has an SPF of 35, and comes in five shades (€21.50 for 30ml).


New Corrective Compact Cream Foundation 

compactThis daily use foundation has a supple formula that's easy to apply and is blendable for natural finish without a greasy film. And it contains light diffusing pearls to give a radiant glow, while the waterproof finish means that the coverage does. not. budge. for 12 hours.

It would suit those aiming to camouflage minor to more severe skin issues like dark circles, redness, spots and vitiligo.

It contains SPF 30, and is available in five shades (€24.95 for 9.5g).

New Corrective Stick 

concelaer stickThis precise concealer stick has a new sleek and targeted applicator. It provides the highest coverage product in the Dermablend range, making this little fella ideal for medium to severe skin conditions like acne marks, scars, rosacea and tattoos.

It's lightweight and buildable and promises to hold on tight for 14 hours.

It contains SPF 30, and is also available in fie shades (€16.95 for 4.5g).


New Total Body Corrective Foundation 


body concealer

A welcome addition is this new body foundation, designed to cover moderate to severe body blemishes like tattoos (it even covers the black in your inkings), scars, stretch marks and varicose veins.

Best of all, it's water, sweat and rub resistant - just allow five minutes before dressing and it won't be moving for 16 hours. And you can build it up to the desired level of coverage.

It's enriched with glycerin and has a non-greasy finish. It contains SPF 15 and is available in three shades (€29.95 for 100ml).


Setting Powder


And don't forget the setting powder, which will strengthen and extend the hold of  any Dermablend coverage product for an extra four hours, and makes all of their offerings rub, sweat and water resistant. It has a microfine texture that is transparent on application and provides a matt and natural looking finish.

Apply the powder using the powder puff or with a brush, and make sure to leave for two minutes before removing excess - then you can apply more products or clothing.

This one will set you back €20 for 28g.

dermablend tattoo

We decided to test out this claim that the new body foundation can cover even the blackest of inkings. We took one carefully-hidden and black tattoo (above left). We built up the coverage of the Total Body Corrective Foundation in thin layers, using the setting powder to strengthen the hold of the product.

It set like a film and as you can see from the second picture, it did a stellar job of covering up our tattoo.

And to help you get the best results from your Dermablend products, we've put together a handy application guide.


How to Apply to Get the Best From Your Product:

Make sure to hydrate the skin to make it easier to spread the product and obtain a more even finish.

Next, warm a little bit of product on back of your hand to make it more fluid, and apply in small dabs over skin concerns without pulling. Tapping it into the skin builds the product to give the highest coverage.

Then use a flat brush to dab and sweep over any other areas, and finally use the transparent powder to set.


Whether you have dark circles, spots, teenage or adult acne, rosacea, pigmentation issues, scarring or tattoos, everyone's skin condition is individual to them. But sometimes a little bit of help in the form of good coverage is all we need to get our confidence back.


Are you a fan of a high level of coverage? What do you use to help cover up imperfections? Share with us in the comments!

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