Does No7's New Palette Give Us a Summer Glow?

I would LOVE to have radiant skin. I know most people would but I would really, really love it. I've accepted that I'll never have clear, even skin and to look my best I'll always have to wear makeup but I would take faking a healthy glow.

When No7's new Shimmer Pallette came my way I got a bit excited. It's just that time of year when you can't excuse your deathly pallor on the fact that you haven't seen daylight in months but since my skin seems to totally reject the good effects of the sun I need a bit of help from my friends. My makeup friends. 

No7 Shimmer Palette comes in two shades; rose and bronze. I received Shimmer Palette Caramel which has been designed to add a shimmery glow to a summer tan or add warmth to winter skin. The colour tones are beautiful:





The texture is quite creamy and the pigments are good and strong and if you like shimmer, well this has it in spades. 

I swirled the four shades together and applied on the apples of my cheeks. It really does create an instant glow but there's a but. It is not at all right for those of us who are big of pore. 











Though shimmer can look fab on smooth skinned peeps, it only serves to emphasize flaws. You can see that spot under my eye right on the bone that I spent quite a while to conceal sticking out like it has a little torch at the tip. The shimmer has settled into my pores too - if you had the time or inclination you could count them.

I do think that it could be really beautiful swept over a different, more even face. The subtle bronze is so very nice and I'm actually disappointed this looks so bad on me because I have never found a bronzer that hasn't looked orange on my pasty skin.

There is a saving grace for people with complexions similar to mine. The shades make gorgeous summer eye shadows; the golden hues are really blendable. I used the top, rose coloured hue as a highlighter on my brow and it was really lovely. 


The No7 Shimmer Palette costs €17.50 and is available exclusively in Boots and on 

Have you tried it? How did you find the glow? 

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