Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone: Vichy Normaderm Clearer Skin Renovating System


Ah, Joni Mitchell, you were so right.

Until my Normaderm microdermabrasion kit, or "Clearer Skin Renovating System" to give it it's full and slightly cumbersome name, ran out, I'd forgotten that I ever suffered with those pesky little under the skin non-spot spots. Well, it's probably coming up on 6 months since I scraped the bottom of the last kit and the little feckers are back with a vengeance. I'd been putting off repurchasing because I've a rake of exfoliators and resurfacers and the like to get through, but none of them come close to giving the kind of results that this kit delivers.

Designed to be used by oily skinned peeps in their early twenties to mid-thirties once a week for 3 weeks every 3 months, the Clearer Skin Renovating System is a simple to use 3-step programme. There's a microfoliant to smoothe and refine skin and unclog pores, a cleansing kaolin mask to extract impurities, and a soothing post-treatment lotion to calm.


Included in the box is an AHA renovating moisturiser with SPF15 for use every day of the 3 weeks of treatment. I can honestly say that my skin was the best it's ever been while using this stuff and I will be flying into a chemist tomorrow to drop €38 for a fresh supply!

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