This blow dry hack gives you Dyson curls without a Dyson curler

This Dyson curler blow dry hack is unlike anything we've ever seen and we're trying it immediately.

OK. Our minds are bloody blown. This blow dry hack for curly blow drying your hair without a Dyson curler is just so clever. It's also so easy and SO CHEAP!

If you haven't heard, the genius behind the Dyson hairdryer release a Dyson curler last month and everyone went mad for it. The unique thing about it is that it uses special air technology to sort of suck the air around the barrel and give a perfect bouncy curl without excess heat. It is, admittedly, very cool. But it's very expensive. (Read more about it here).

At €499, it is simply beyond many people's reach. Luckily, many people are geniuses themselves. These beauty lovers discovered a way to give yourself a Dyson blow dry without having to fork out. All you need is your ordinary hair dryer... and a plastic bottle. (Now, I know we're not supposed to be using plastic anymore, but this is for a good cause.)


You take a bottle, cut off the top and make a space in the side big enough to fit a nozzle through. Then you point that nozzle through the slit and blast it.

Disclaimer: we don't know entirely how safe this is. Heat and plastic aren't generally best mates so maybe keep the heat down low.

But isn't it cool at the same time? There is a beauty hack for everything and we love it! Will you be giving it a go? Or will you be sticking with your tried and tested method? OR will you be buying the real deal? While we're here, let us know if you have any clever beauty hacks like this that you're willing to share with the group.

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