How to clean your hair brush

Most people brush their hair regularly; depending on your hair type and texture it could be anywhere from a few times a week to several times a day. You probably remember clearly the last time you brushed your hair, but do you remember the last time you thoroughly cleaned your hair brush? Here are our tips on how to clean your hair brush.

Cleaning your hair brush is just as important a part of your beauty routine as washing your hair. Over time it gets a build up of old hair, dead skin cells, old styling product, dandruff, dust mites and bacteria, among other gross things. Then when you brush your lovely clean hair, you are transferring all these nasty things back onto it, seems pretty counter productive when you have spent forty minutes giving it a double shampoo and deep condition.

Here is how to effectively clean your hair brush so you can keep those locks glossy for longer:

What you will need:

Toothpick or pen

Scissors and toothbrush (optional)

Baby shampoo

Baking soda




How to do it:

First remove as much hair and dirt as you can with the toothpick or pen, using the scissors to cut and remove any particularly stubborn clumps of hair. Remember to put the hair in the bin as it will clog your drains if flushed down the toilet or washed down the sink.

Next mix one teaspoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of baby shampoo with one cup of water and apply the mixture to and around theĀ  bristles of the brush. Work the mixture into the brush with your fingers or a toothbrush if you wish.

You can then rinse the hair brush in a bowl of warm water. If you are washing a paddle brush with a soft base, be careful not to submerge it face up as it will get waterlogged.

Finally. wrap the brush in a clean towel and leave to dry face down over night.

How often should you clean your hair brush?

Ideally, you should give your brush a deep clean once or twice a month, depending on usage. Manually removing hair from your it every few days will help it stay clean between washes.


You should replace your hair brush regularly, anywhere from six months to one year depending on how often you use it and if it has any wear and tear. If you notice any bristles are damaged or missing or the base starts to come away, you should replace it immediately.

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