Dry shampoo: Go from skank to stunna in 60 seconds

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Hair a bit limp? Lifeless? Lank? Even (eek!) - a little greasy?

Ah sure we've all been there, trying to squeeze just one more day out of that last fab blow dry. It might look alright when you're leaving the gaff, but the killer is getting into work and clapping eyes on that less-than-bouncy barnet in the Ladies' mirror. It doesn't matter that no-one else is likely to notice, you can't help but feel a bit... well, skanky.

Dry shampoos are only brilliant for rescuing hair from days like these, and they're gaining steadily in popularity: Boots reported a whopping 45% increase in dry shampoos sales in the past year. They work by absorbing excess oil from scalp and roots and contain refreshing and volumising agents to add a birrov oomph. Simply spray into roots, lightly massage with fingertips to ensure even distribution, leave for a minute to suck up any greasiness and then brush out any excess. Easy peasy!


Best of all, there's one to suit all tastes and wallets: off the top of my head, you can take your pick from (l-r above) Klorane's cult classic, Batiste's brilliant budget buy, Lee Stafford's hot pink super-sweet-smelling version, or one of Bumble & Bumble's coloured offerings.

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