ICYMI: We've found the most gorgeous highlighter & its dupe

There is probably nothing I love more than finding a good highlighter. Having really oily skin growing up I have never been able to wear a dewy based foundation.

If you missed my piece on when a luxury dewy foundation totally failed on me, you can catch up here. In the meantime, here is a look at what happens to my face when I use a dewy finish foundation. It's not pleasant.


Even though dewy look foundations highlights my pores, brings out the fine lines and mainly makes me look like I have dipped my face into a chip pan, I really like that beautiful glow effect on my skin, just highlighting the right places, and not giving an overall wet look effect.

So, for anyone with oily skin, there is a way to get this effect. And it is not your foundation choice; instead, use a powder highlighter and think strategically about where you highlight.

A wonderful highlighter that I've recently discovered is:

  • TooFaced Candlelight Glow €30 

too faced

Too Faced have nailed it with this highlighter; not only is the pigment really good, they also give you a picture step by step in where to highlight your face to create an "Inner Light", " Light of Day" or "Night Light" effect.lternatively


Alternatively, try:

  • The Balm Mary Lou Manizer €21.50


mary lu


This eye-catching honey-hued luminizer is an amazing substitute. The pigment is exceptional, and the stay power matches that. To be 100% honest, I can hardly tell the difference in the two.


The top swatch is Too Faced, and the bottom Mary Lou Manizer. There is a slight pink hue to the Too Faced one, so for people with a very pink toned skin, you might want to avoid the pink tones and go with the yellow tones anyway.


All in all, this dupe will save you €8.50. It's not the hugest price difference but pennies make the pounds!

Do you already use a powder highlighter? Which one is your favourite?

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