Easy In-Flight Skincare

I recently took a long-haul flight, and managed to get to the other side and back with my skin intact. Recirculated air, heat and  fatigue make flying one of the activities that can do a lot of damage to your skin quite quickly. Combine this with the 100ml carry-on liquid regulations, and it can be hard to keep your skin happy while on a flight.

I found myself trapped next to two incredibly loud teenage girls for over eleven hours, so doing nice things for my skin and working helped to keep my stabby impulses down.

Firstly, take off your makeup. A baby bird falls out of its nest and plummets to a grizzly death every time you don't*. On a flight, a face wipe is acceptable. It's one of the only times when it's alright to use them, but they're still pretty horrifying, so use whatever brand you happen to have. If you leave your makeup on, it's going to sink further and further into your skin, making it dry and flaky. It will also feel filthy. So just no.


If you have space in your bag for an acid toner, then apply that next. Follow it up with a lovely facial spritz. You'll appreciate this on a plane more than anywhere else. It helps to hydrate skin and allows you to use smaller quantities of your follow up products. It also just feels really refreshing and helps to keep you awake.I used L'Occitane Precious Mist (€17), but you can swap it out for anything you have or like. 


Next, use whatever hydrating face mask you most rely on in a fix. My favourite for flying is Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Masks (€26.99). Since they come in individual sachets, you can pop one in your carry on bag and it won't take up any space at all. Leave your mask on for as long as you like (it's not like you're stuck for time).

When your mask is done, apply whichever hydrating serum you most like, and follow it up with your favourite facial oil. I don't bother with moisturiser on flights, I just reapply spritz and oil when needed. 


And for the love of God, don't forget your lip balm.

If you're worried about looking weird on the plane, don't. Yes, you will look a bit weird, but you'll have the last laugh, I promise. Here I am complete with face mask half way across the Atlantic, looking normal:


I scared the bejaysus out of a flight attendant, but when we got off at the other end, everyone I was with looked drawn and scruffy, but asked how I looked so refreshed.

As Mammy would say, 'Now for you.'

Do you have any long flights coming up, and will you be frightening the stewards with your face masks? To the comments!

*This is a lie, but take off your makeup anyway! 




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