Easy makeup ideas to take you from desk to drinks

Easy makeup ideas are what's required when you're going from desk to drinks. Here are some of our favourites for the party season.

Easy makeup is ideal when you're short on time. But easy doesn't have to mean boring. For many of us, the party season will involve going from desk to drinks. No problem in that of course, but invariably it means there's no chance to get home to get changed, or pick up your makeup stash. But, you see, that's where the beauty of easy makeup comes into play. Keeping things simple means you can bring a few key products with you to work in the morning.

Here are some easy makeup ideas and inspiration to take you from desk to drinks.

Red Lips & Faux Freckles

There's something sweet and youthful about a couple of faux freckles dotted across the nose and cheeks. Create them by lightly dotting with an eyebrow pencil. Then add red lipstick for impact.


'60s Style Cat Eyeliner

All you need to create this is a good pencil eyeliner, a small brush (such as a slanted brow brush) and some brown eyeshadow. It's simple but always looks glamorous.

Glossy Eyes


This is an easy makeup look that always gives a cool, editorial feel. You can use a classic gloss, or if that's too sticky try a lip balm. Alternatively, a shimmering strobe cream or highlighter works too. Just remember to team it with plenty of waterproof mascara.

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