Eddie Hobbs Advises: Rose Fans - Swap Jo Malone for L'Occitane

eddieGerrils, these beaut.ie lasses have been bring yeeee all manner of posts about fragrance, and oi have to say, oi've been shocked at the proices even a cut proice site like Strawberrynet are charging.

Would you not just splash on a bit of 4711 and be done with it, says I? Or make your own - oi believe that fragrance made from water and rose petals is awful easy to make, like. Can't say much about the smell, but.


And even though oi'm no spendthrift, I do realise ye like to smell noice - but like ladies, there's no need to be lining Jo Malone's pockets. You could spend about €80 on 100ml of her Red Roses scent, or you could get yourself to L'Occitane and get a whopping 125ml of their Fragrance of the 4 Queens for about €50 instead. The choice, it do be yours!

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