Please Don't Judge Me: Emergency Greaseball Hair Fix


There are few beauty disasters worse than a bad hair day. And sometimes, despite your best efforts, one can just blindside you at 7am when you need to be out the door and en route to work in ten minutes.

This, of course, is no problem for anyone who can look effortlessly chic in some class of headscarf or headband - and if that's you, well, I'm unspeakably jealous. I look like a demented housewife with an oddly shaped head in either.

My usual problem is hair that's a bit on the Danny Zuko side of greasy, and normally my saviour is Batiste. But if my little green can runs out and I haven't a replacement lined up to take its place, I have a Plan B at the ready.


Now I have to preface this by saying it isn't a particularly classy or elegant solution, and it's not carry on that I'm proud to admit to, but it works, dammit!

I load up a big fluffy brush with whatever bronzer or face powder happens to be out of favour at that particular moment in time, and dust it liberally through my roots to absorb any excess oiliness. Obviously you need to take care not to end up with ashen locks or a strangely bronzed parting, but it definitely does the job for a quick emergency fix.

And it fits in with the "must use up all old stuff before buying any new stuff" ethos I'm striving to abide by!

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